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Kiwi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2011. We specialize in manufacture, wholesale and development of emission control catalysts and catalytic converters for automobiles, motorcycles, small engines and industrial furnaces. Kiwi Environ-Tech is dedicated to producing top-quality emission control products for auto-part market.


Equipped with a self-developed production line, Kiwi Environ-Tech is capable of providing 1,300,000 litre catalyst for automotive and 650,000 litre catalyst for small engines annually. Our emission control products include TWC, DOC, SCR and other customized catalyst that will fulfill the requirement of up to EuroV emission standard. Apart from quality-oriented products, Kiwi Environ-Tech also focuses on Research & Development. Our technological collaboration with Taiwan Far East University and Nanjing University ensures Kiwi Environ-Tech is able to provide our clients with the most advanced products as well as up-to-date technical support. Ultimately, Kiwi Environ-Tech seeks to become a leading, competitive and sustainable company offering a highly diversified line of emission control products.