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Engine exhaust purification equipment

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1, need to repair the vehicle maintenance and repair, this approach is the need to car owners drive diesel vehicles to repair, then put all the replacement, the arrangement of parts in good, this kind of repair method more suitable for regular registration to 4 s shops do small vehicle maintenance, the service life of the auto parts are not long, need to change the spare parts are not too much, Then check the exhaust gas after the whole vehicle is overhauled.

2, if it is a industrial and mining enterprises of transportation vehicles, the vehicle mileage is longer, and single vehicle load is more, the diesel combustion would produce large amounts of carbon powder, this kind of situation is very easy to cause exhaust system congestion, if this is the case of diesel exhaust, you don't have to worry about diesel exhaust is not qualified to do, only need to clean up the exhaust, Especially focus on cleaning nozzle can be.

3, if this method can not solve the problem, then it is necessary to find the problem from the engine system, the general repair shop maintenance master will recommend the replacement of three catalytic, investigate

Reason, mainly to oil machine internal combustion engine is different from ordinary gasoline internal-combustion engine, its carbon emissions much political comparable gasoline vehicles, it will bring the engine system

Extra burden, the owner is diesel exhaust is not qualified to do, but it needs from the ternary catalytic looking for reason.

4, some other small ways can also solve this problem, such as replacing spark plugs, the diesel exhaust pipe water flushing, can let the exhaust gas change in a short time, these are the repair shop maintenance master's experience.

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