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Is it necessary to clean the three-way catalytic converter?

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The three-way catalytic converter needs cleaning. Here is the introduction:

1, as an important part of automobile tail gas treatment, three yuan catalysts to a large extent reduce the pollutants of automobile exhaust, and automobile exhaust through the three yuan catalysts, so this is a very important things, if three yuan catalysts is broken or blocked, like a car exhaust pipe is blocked, car power significantly decreased, At the same time, it will increase fuel consumption and cause serious exhaust pollution.

2, ternary catalytic converters, it is installed in the automobile exhaust system is one of the most important gas purification plant, it can be auto exhaust the harmful gas such as CO, HC and NOx by oxidation and reduction into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.

3. When the high temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifying agent in the three-way catalytic converter will enhance the activity of CO, HC and NOx, prompting a certain REDOX chemical reaction, in which CO is oxidized into colorless and non-toxic carbon dioxide gas at high temperature; HC compound oxidation at high temperatures (H20) into water and carbon dioxide; NOx is reduced to nitrogen and oxygen. Three kinds of harmful gases become harmless gases, so that automobile exhaust can be purified.

4, three catalytic converter, is installed in the car exhaust system in the most important external purification device, it can be the car exhaust emissions of CO, carbon monoxide, HC hydrocarbons and NOx nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases through oxidation and reduction into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.

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