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How does a motorcycle muffler reduce the sound

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1. The volume of motorcycle exhaust pipe depends on its internal muffler structure design and exhaust pipe outlet size.

2, the inner cavity structure generally cannot be changed, the tail exhaust port is smaller, the relative sound can be smaller.

3. The exhaust system is a part of the engine exhaust system. The exhaust system mainly includes the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and muffler.

4, motorcycle muffler is one of the important parts of the motorcycle, is a motorcycle muffler. The performance of the muffler not only affects the noise size of the motorcycle, but also has an important impact on the engine power, fuel consumption, torque and other performance.

5, heard in the exhaust pipe directly several steel wire ball, can reduce a bit, also can hold a larger exhaust back pressure voice may dot, or change the cruise vehicle exhaust pipe, these will damage the power, you play cross-country motorcycle's voice, without tachometer is cross-country motorcycle without tachometer, off-road when there will be no noise.

6, the main way to reduce noise is to replace the exhaust pipe, but it has an impact on the power. No matter what type of Japanese buggy, the exhaust will be changed to short and stout, deliberately sound to create momentum exhaust pipe professional term is called muffler, through the length and shape to change the tone, like trumpet trombone big horn is the same, but must pay attention to fixed.

Conclusion; The motorcycle frame is very strange, has a tilt Angle, if not fixed properly, can have the opposite effect, such as not through the exhaust pipe sound, directly from the joint, the sound is louder.

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