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Muffling principle of motorcycle exhaust pipe

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The muffler principle of the motorcycle exhaust pipe is the engine exhaust airflow in the muffler through the porous pipe and diaphragm and repeated winding, noise gradually attenuated, to achieve the purpose of muffler.

Its working principle is roughly as follows:

1. Intake: The intake valve opens, the piston goes down, and the mixture of gasoline and air is sucked into the cylinder.

2. Compression: At this time, the intake valve and exhaust valve are closed at the same time, the piston goes up, and the mixture is compressed.

3. Combustion: When the mixture is compressed to the minimum, the spark plug fires and ignites the mixture. The pressure generated by combustion pushes the piston down and rotates the crankshaft.

4. Exhaust: When the piston reaches the lowest point, the exhaust valve opens and the exhaust gas is discharged. The piston continues to discharge the excess exhaust gas.

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